12G: Twelve Games


In late 2010 and early 2011, I embarked on a project to make twelve games; I called it the 12G project.

First announced in this blog post, I figured that I learn best when I’m making games. I set out on a project to create twelve games, each within a 24 hour period, to maximize my learning potential.

The rules:

  • Each game must be written from “scratch”; libraries are allowed, but frowned upon
  • Games should be “playable” and conform to some definition of “a game”
  • 24 hours are alloted for the game’s entire handling: code, visuals, audio, marketing, and sales.
  • Outsourcing any or all components is allowed (must comply to the 24 hour rule though)
  • The game should expand my horizons, stretch my boundaries, or test my skill in some way. This is a learningexperiment, after all!


  1. Crab Attack 3
  2. ATC Blitz [ For Sale ]
  3. Mashing Efficiency [ 12 hrs ]
  4. Cooking Snail-Copter [ 4 hrs ]
  5. Maybe: Laser Pointer Space-Ice Car? [ 1 hr ]
  6. Maybe: SolarCraft? [ 1 hr  ]
  7. Maybe: Ferry Game? [ 1 hr ]
  8. Idea: Santa Slinger? [ 0 hrs ]
  9. Idea: Squid Ink: Revisited? [ 0 hrs ]
  10. Idea: Music game? [ 0 hrs ]
  11. Idea: Outsourced? [ 0 hrs ]
  12. Idea: Unity3D? [ 0 hrs ]

Links added as I write about them!

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  1. Thinking/designing the games is not part of the 24hours?

  2. Mmmm kinda.

    I don’t really count any thinking that goes on before I start typing, but it usually doesn’t exceed much more than 5-30 minutes of “general scope” thoughts. I’m not the type that will sit down and make a 40-page design doc.

  3. Sounds pretty cool, i think you could learn a lot.

  4. Unity 3d is fast to code in when you know the basic of java script, I think its the downloading the props in that takes for ever to know how. Good luck.


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