Dec 292010

PowerButtonI’m looking for a contractor (or two)! Mostly for the SteamBirds franchise, but perhaps some other projects as well.

Some qualifications I’m looking for:

  • Experience with Flash programming in AS3 (AS2 is a bonus)
  • Knowledge of timeline code, but prefer to code purely in FlashDevelop
  • Knowledge of the Sponsorship-style Flash industry
  • Deep understanding of Blitting with an eye on code performance
  • Mobile development (in Flash and/or native code) is a bonus
  • Strength in Object-Oriented style programming
  • Familiarity with SVN
  • Ability to read my code without clawing your eyes out

This will be spotty/occasional/part-time work to start, but can grow to a more permanent role as the business expands. Renumeration will be based on the task at hand (for example: Site-lock conversions would pay cash up front; larger projects typically work on a revenue share basis).

If you are interested, send an introduction to

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  1. Sounds interesting… Too bad I’m trying to focus on my own start up.

  2. [spoiler]
    * Must get horny when watching Flash Love Letter: The Remix

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