Nov 272012

Personal update:

Wow, what a crazy few weeks. I’m still not sure where I am right now, mentally speaking. Dealing with some srs bsns. Will talk on that later, but that’s why I’ve been a little quiet on the devvlog & hello world fronts. More Soon.

I’ve also been going to the gym quite a bit. I’ll start making some blog posts specifically on how that end of things is progressing, but the short version: I FEEL GREAT. I recommend it.

Monster Loves You! update:

Steaming along quite well. I’m aiming to have all the tech done this week, then I’m flying to Boston from the 10th->16th to finish the game (helping on the content side of things). I figure we’ll give it a month, to fix bugs and do some content-touch-ups and the like, and then launch!

I’m super excited about MLY. It feels like my best-game-ever, and I’m really keen to see how it does in the market. A brave new world!

DepthCharge update:

On hold right now, but it feels really good. It will probably launch in January as well.

Secret Project update:

Probably launching around Christmas!

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