Nov 192012

I’ve decided to enter into a blogging blood-pact with a few other developers. I’ll be posting at least once per week, otherwise I WILL LOOSE ALL MY BLOOD.

Or something like that. I’m unclear on the exact penalties for failure.

I’ve also updated my “Current Projects” sidebar thing – my work on Go Home Dinosaurs is done, the future of IceBurgers is probably “Shelved,” and Run Robo Run has been released. So I’ve removed those three.

Secret Project and Depth Charge haven’t seen much forward momentum lately, as I’ve been focused on Monster Loves You. SP and DC are shorter-form game experiences, smaller projects, that I hope will make money but are intentionally less risky.

MLY, on the other hand, is what I’m banking my entire future on. Money is almost out, and I could really use another cash infusion sometime soon!

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  1. The Blogging Blood Pact idea is great! Not literally, but you know what I mean. I can never keep up with my own blog posts, I always post one or two then they die off.

  2. I was previewing people’s blogs for this intense BLOODPACT thing and I’m super looking forward to it!! Also your writing style kind of reminds me of my own, with random excited interjections and whatnot!

  3. I started this “blog post a week” thing just recently too. I didn’t make any sort of blood pact, though. Now I feel like maybe I should have. Ups the stakes. I’ll practice my pentagrams with an old spirograph or something. My blog is mostly about making games, and it’s over here.

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