Nov 182012

I’ve gotten myself a 5 week membership to the local gym. Time to start exercising better!

I tried a few personal routines (running, pushups) but they aren’t working out for me – I lose interest and stop going. Maybe with a gym membership card I’ll be more active?

I went 5 times in the last week. Good going so far! My muscles seem to be recovered this weekend. Maybe I’ll go again today…

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  1. The best motivation for working out is to have someone to go with. By far.

    Also, Crossfit is excellent exercise, though going to a gym for it can be expensive. You can daily workouts for Crossfit online, and I think they are fantastic for exercise and measuring progress. Just be careful not to do exercises you don’t know how to do safely, or ask someone at your gym who is qualified to help you.


  2. Hey.
    Hope it works out for you the second time around.
    - Ziro out.

  3. Awesome, right around my starting point too! Hope you have a longer gym-life this time :)

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