Nov 072012

I was reading this article on PAReport about why Wing Commander sucked as a movie.

Part of the reason, it turns out, is that Fox forced it to be released way earlier than expected, under-funded it, and only allowed 2 months for pre-production(!!).

It makes so much sense now. I mean, Fox seems to want to destroy everything I love; the low-hanging fruit is Firefly and many others, but they tried (and failed!) to kill Futurama and Family Guy, which are ostensibly much more mainstream.

Then there’s Fox news (lower case n), which I won’t even get into.

Fox is my nemesis.

But… Fox is also very risky with its money. Many of the things they ruin (Wing Commander, FireFly, Dead Like Me, etc) wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for them; they were the only studio to give them a chance at all.

Does that mean I should forgive Fox? Is it better to have not loved at all?

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  1. Fox is really weird. I agree with you that they both take risks that others won’t, and they also cancel things too early. (Is there something about the letter F? Fox, Firefly, Futurama, Family Guy, Fringe)

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