Oct 012013

Since iOS7 released, a few apps on my iPad have been asking me for permission to use my microphone. Apps like calculators and other benign things that should have no microphone access.  Including my own microphone-free games.  This is concerning!  People in the comments are asking about their precious privacies!

After googling around I noticed there was no real solutions or reasons posted anywhere within easy eyeshot. (Is that a word? eyeshot?)

Turns out that any app packaged with Adobe AIR with a version of 3.8.x (or earlier) will produce this behaviour.  The Adobe AIR runtime hooks the microphone even if you don’t use it, just so it’s available in the API.  Versions 3.9+ of the Adobe AIR SDK only hook the microphone if you explicitly use it, so recompiling using v3.9 is an easy and fast solution to the problem.

As of this writing, 3.9 is in pre-release and available through the Adobe Labs website.

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  1. Thanks Andy! Very useful to know this, thanks Adobe Air…

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