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5 Custom Gaming Shirt Ideas For E-Sports Tournaments

Sports fans show their support to their respective teams by wearing the custom hoodies canada and t-shirts that have printed designs displaying their passion and artistry. In that way, a team spirit is being cultivated and the athletes can feed into that for encouragement.

Now, with the rise of E-Sports, the gaming community is also practicing that culture to show love and support to their representatives and the game that brought them together. For a business owner selling custom t-shirts, this can be an opportunity for a big payday.

Since the team jerseys in E-Sports are sponsored and hard to replicate, there are designs or concepts that can be suitable for customization and printing.

Relatable Quotes

These are phrases or ideas where the majority of gamers can relate. They can be from their gaming experiences, either good or bad, or a satirical approach to some of the taboo discussions in the gaming community.

The purpose of these shirts is to be thought to provoke and at the same, making a statement for yourself. You can also imitate the font style gamers can identify to and use some of the graphics quirkily.

Notable Phrases from Characters or Narration

Every gamer has utter some of the phrases being included in a game’s dialogue. It’s similar to having an unfamiliar song played multiple times and something memorable happened.

With these phrases, a gamer can recall their experiences and the deciding moments they have to face. As a designer, you can make it appear that some philosophers uttered the phrase, where in fact, it is spoken by some notable game character only. You can stylize the phrases accordingly.

Character Fan-art

Choosing this approach can be tricky since it can be a hit or a miss. The best part of this is that the creativity of the designer is being very much explored. The more popular the game, the more options you have for customization but it must not stray away too much from the original design to the point that gamers will find it hard to recognize.

Logo Imitation

Imitation of popular brands is strictly prohibited but you can get away if modifications are done and its purpose is not for branding but rather for a design only. You can use the logos recognized by gamers and integrate them into some of the quotable phrases. Also, you can use character designs and make them appear as logos or icon-like graphics.


This approach can somehow be closer to a geek-like move but for a gamer on the E-Sports tournament, it can be so cool. You make the original design your own or embody a character’s profile through the t-shirt design while sending a message to everyone that you belong to. The purpose is to catch attention in a good way, somewhat similar to the feeling of cosplaying.


Custom t-shirts for a gaming event can be profitable. You can mix in with some wittiness, humor, political agenda, personal sentiments, or even a brash declaration. What matters is that the gaming community embodies the celebration and hope that the general audience respects their passion for the video game.

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