Lessons We Can Learn From Rovio About Rewarded Ads.

A few months back, Google hosted a GameCamp, which was all about game development. They had Elif Buyukcan, who is the director of Rovio Entertainment. So, here’s the story.

The Reason Why Rovio Worked on Ads

There are only a few monetization routes that developers can use at present, but for Rovio, using rewarded ads is a great option.

In-app Purchasing is Slowly Dying

In-app purchases were the king of monetization. However, IAp rates are slowly declining. When you depend on IAP, you only get money from a few players who are eager to purchase your items. For that reason, developers are trying to look for methods that will bring revenue coming from a majority of gamers who are not willing to purchase IAP.

In-game Advertisements are Getting more Popular

Several studies report that gamers value advertisements, as long as they are relevant. As AI and ML evolve, game developers have a better understanding of their players and customizing their ads.

Creating the Right Balance Will Bring Rewards

The truth is, IAP rates and ads don’t last forever. They are sure to decline in time. In other words, a remarkable monetization model doesn’t rely wholly on ads or IAP. Creating the right balance between the two is the key.

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