Selecting a Game Protocol

One crucial factor that affects a multiplayer game is the instrument that brings information between central servers and players. That is what you call a protocol, and selecting the right game protocol is a vital step in setting up your game’s architecture.

Continuous Connection

This is one crucial element that should impact your decision on the protocol you choose for your game. Continuous connection creates a tunnel of connection between two points that is constant throughout a session. This is very important for MMOs, RPGs, multiplayer FPS, and RTS games.


Protocol authenticity is another factor that affects game development. Authentic protocols will either deliver data in order or inform you that they didn’t. Undependable protocols do the opposite. With unreliable protocols, you’ll get more speed, but you’ll have to do more on client or server development to compensate.

Authentic protocols are either founded on TCP or a checkup functionality of their own. Unreliable protocols usually are based on direct WebSockets or UDP. Other factors you must consider include encryption, simplicity, speed, human readability, and state preservation.

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