Supporting Your Narrative with Music

Music plays a substantial role in making a game atmosphere and backing up a game narrative. So, here are steps you can follow to apply music into your game effectively.

Step 1: Know Your Genre

Ask yourself the questions: What story do I want to tell? Will it be thrilling? Will it be frightening or Mysterious? The kind of music you select will stimulate your player’s feelings. Don’t choose funky music when the character is walking through a dark forest.

Step 2: Determine Your Goals

Address the questions: Do you want your game to be focused on the character? Do you want it to have several locations? What makes your game important? What is the focus of your game? How will your story go? How do you want your audience to feel?

Step 3: Do Research

Once you’ve determined your genre and music, you can do some research. Take a look at games that have a similar type to yours. How do they use their music? Also, don’t limit yourself there. If the game you make is about zombies, try watching films that are all about zombie apocalypses. Moreover, you can check out Spotify and search for music by genre so you’ll get an idea.

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