Tips for a Great User Experience for F2P Game Players

The game industry has a lot of free-to-play games to offer. Game manufacturers do all that they can to be on top. In reality, it is easy to create a F2P game, but the challenge comes when you want your players to continue playing. What are the secrets of those famous F2P games? Without question, the main element that keeps players in touch is their first experience of the game. So, here are some tips.

Provide Instant Satisfaction

A F2P game developer must satisfy their players immediately. Their first experience will determine whether they will choose to play the game. During this stage, there should be no ads, no other disturbing platforms.

Keep it Simple

Keep your game simple. As a first-time user, a player will try to explore all the menus and gameplay itself. Don’t make the game complicated for your users. Also, the interface should be easy to understand and must detach the player from the game easily.

Value Metrics

Metrics will help you know the number of new users each day, their engagement level, etc. It’s vital to know about which stage of the game players usually give up. Metrics will give you an idea of which parts of the game you should improve.

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