Augmented Reality

The features of AR technology allow us to intensify real-world backgrounds with virtual components. We can attach 3D-images, text information, and other software items that carry more data regarding related items. Also, it can help with interactivity to neighbouring spaces, yet maintain the familiar controls of devices.

Marker-based AR allows integrating animations to cards, books, images, or additional controls. It can also enhance games such as tabletop games (e.g., creating animations for a chess piece, which makes them look real).

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality refers to a computer-controlled simulation of a different world. It is commonly used in video games and 3D movies. It makes simulations that are meant to silence the actual world and immerse or envelope the viewer by using computer devices and sensory apparatus such as gloves and headsets. Aside from entertainment and games, VR can also be used in education, science, and training.

Modern VR makes individuals feel a different reality with the help of the said equipment. If you have experienced a virtual reality film festival, you understand that it takes much effort and time for the show makers to immerse yourself in such an experience.