Moore Games consists of a group of professional and expert game-developers who are masters in Unity. Also, creating mid-core multiplayer video games is our specialty. We achieve great success with the help of Unity’s framework and features. With Unity, we combine client codes and backend solutions plus protocol that includes:

  • Amazon AWS (involving Aurora, EC2, ElastiCache, RDS, and S3)
  • Mongo DB, MS SQL, Postgre SQL, and Redis DBS
  • net, Photon Server, and PUN

Our team strictly obeys industrial standards, proper guidelines, and good practices ensuring accessibility, readability, and quality of codebase and solutions. Moreover, we have a broad scope of in-house procedures customized for Unity and the development of multiplayer games. These procedures were proven and tested in several environments and projects. The solutions were easy to integrate.


While we focus on mastering Unity, our team of professionals has established an exceptional understanding of the said platform. It is readily available for all our clients who need our services. Years of labouring with the help of Unity and the services of, Amazon AWS, and Photon servers only means we suggest the best.


Our team utilizes our detailed knowledge about C# and to develop top-quality games that we can incorporate effectively with our backend services, game protocols, and native plugins.


The heart of our team consists of veterans in the game development business. They are mostly responsible for several projects we have completed, including games that won the title “the Game of the Year.”