Moore Games always aims for growth. We continually strive to upgrade our skills. For that reason, our passionate team is capable of providing directions and help for art production. Moore Games Art Team embodies professionals that have great understanding and experience in game art fabrication.

Visual presentation plays a significant role in gaming. Great game designs will attract more players to play the game. The following are our services:

Concept Art

For 2D and 3D projects, our team can create great designs and convey the game’s vision visually. Sketches, mockups, and drawings is a piece of cake for our team.

2D and 3D Animations

We can bring your ideas to life with 2D or 3D animations and characters. We can model, create, and animate your character for you.

UI/UX Designs

We want our clients to focus and keep an eye on the game itself, while we use UI/UX tools to create an enticing interface for your game.

Locations Design and Art

Creating a world for your characters is a vital factor that brightens up a player’s imaginations. Also, it carries an emotional aura in the game. Location design and art include scenes, backgrounds, landscapes, and other settings.

Improved reality objects

Modern virtual technology made the gaming world more interesting by making a new trend. Creating games in such a way make the impossible possible. We make high-quality and realistic animations for your games so that players will be more into it.