Vaping and Gaming

What You Need To Know About Vaping and Gaming

The gaming industry is a close-knit community since games often involve several teams or individuals, causing them to cluster together and plan similar goals. Gamers usually treat each other like family same as vape shop terrebonne. Because they find themselves spending a lot of time together after work or school.

For some, the anticipation of gaming with their friends again after work thrills them. Over time, it becomes a part of their lifestyle. With an uninterrupted internet connection and the opportunity to join with other players all over the globe, it is easy to create strong communities virtually.

However, one thing researchers have observed is that gaming enthusiasts also like to vape. Speaking about vape, we are referring to those devices that emit flavorful vapors from e-juices. Here, we will be talking about why gaming and vaping work well together.

Fewer Breaks

Because vaping is a kind of activity that they can do inside, gamers no longer have to take long breaks to have a cigarette break. Gamers who are joining tournaments hate to be interrupted by sudden calls and necessities. Thus, if you are a gamer, you surely would choose to do something while gaming.

In that way, you no longer have to quit gaming to satisfy your nicotine cravings. Moreover, you no longer have to be kicked out in gaming stations because cigarette smoking is not allowed inside. But since you’re now using an e-cigarette, you’re exempted from that rule already.


Before smartphones and other gadgets emerged, games weren’t as portable as it is these days. You usually would play games on big desktops. Because of these devices’ size, you would only use them in a fixed location. Nowadays, games are already very portable— and vaping too.

For example, you only need to log in to your gaming account so you can play from one device to another without losing track of your previous winnings. Similarly, in vaping, you only have to bring a functional charger with you while traveling, and you’re good to go.

Vape devices are as portable as computer games these days. You no longer have to quit your game to go out, walk on the streets, and buy cigarette sticks in nearby stores. Instead, all you have to do is grab your device and use it whenever and wherever you like.

Blending in

When you want to fit in a community or group, you need to do what they do and love what they love. For example, if you wish to belong in a gaming community, you have to bond with its members by doing what they used to do daily— and vaping is usually one of those activities.

Thus, if you don’t like vaping and you want to quit smoking, spending quality time with a group of people who loves to vape is not the right track for you. But if you think vaping is not a big deal, it will be easier for you to blend with those guys.

So, the examples mentioned above are a few ways why gaming and vaping are often associated with each other. It is simply about pursuing belongingness and companionship; thus, if you are interested in joining a group of gamers but not with vapers, there is no need for you to try so hard to blend in.

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