Hi! I’m Andy Moore. I voted!

Andy Moore: Voter Extrordinaire

Andy Moore: Voter Extraordinaire

Before making games, I focused primarily on producing productivity applications for local businesses.  It was rewarding work, but only in the financial sense; I wasn’t exactly excited to work on PHP and SQL each day.  Before that, I had trained up for a commercial pilot license, helicopter recreational permit, a glider license, and took several courses to obtain an Airframe & Powerplant Technician certificate.  I’m also a certified ground-school flight instructor.  I may have some aviation-related hobbies.

I made my way into the gaming industry by doing Community Management.  First, I did free work back in 1999 for  Battleground Europe, but eventually growing more and more into the role for other games and was able to make a living at it. I was occasionally contracted as a consultant for other studios and do a lot of contract work. I enjoy teaching and speaking at events, and I love being a part of the indie community. I even started up a local Meetup group that has gotten quite popular, and hold my own yearly game-jam.

My true love, though, is programming. I remember making my first BASIC adventure games on the C64 when I was around ten years old. I never thought it would be possible to combine my love of programming with my love of games (and actually make money), but after being inspired by Colin Northway, Phil Hassey, and Petri Purho – I decided to give it a shot… and here I am!

Nowadays, I suppose I’m mostly known for having created the SteamBirds franchise, which has since been sold to SpryFox. I am also the founder of Radial Games, which focuses on short-form game experiments – then iterating on the successful ones.  You can see a complete list of my games here.

I like chatting about anything; from the business, your best local brew, sexuality in a sex-positive culture, or even just the weather (who doesn’t like weather?!). Feel free to drop me a line:

GChat/Email: capnandymoore@gmail.com
Twitter: @capn_andy

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