Dec 172012

I spent the last week in Boston, and I’m having trouble getting home. High winds in the Pacific Northwest have cancelled the sailing of my ferry, cancelled the small-plane replacement, and even cancelled the bus service (because the bus service relies on another ferry, not because the bus would be blown off the highway). To make matters worse, the high winds ALSO took down the internet and cable connections at the hotel. So now my only option is to stare at the wall.


So here I am in Seattle, just getting drunk at my favourite pubs, wishing I had wifi access. I write this as a draft! Maybe later I can post it when the kitten-delivery-tube is fixed in the area.

I travelled to Boston to work with Dejobaan on finishing up MLY. I aimed to have Monster Loves You! done on Friday, and we missed the mark – the game isn’t complete. But I am very happy at the progress we made; our to-do lists had a very high completion-acceleration rate. I’m hoping we’ll actually get the game done before the new year, despite the holidays. *crosses fingers*

I leave for Mexico on January 4th, so my hand is sorta forced!

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