May 202012

Well, look at that! I have another game on the stove right now. Whenever I “announce” something it means it’s not just a prototype or a test anymore… It’s something exciting enough that I will want it out on the market.

I’ve got Sven Bergstrom on board again (he also worked on IceBurgers), and he whipped up this awesome concept art. It’s desktop-background sized, and believe me, it looks really good there.

Click for full size

This game is a tile-based puzzley-action game? I’ve had people compare it to triple-town, but I don’t think that’s quite right. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but everyone I’ve playtested with really enjoyed it and can’t put it down! It’ll be available on mobile devices and web browsers before PAX Prime, I’m hoping.

If you show up to one of my local meetup groups, or one of the many game jams or other events I attend (I’ll be in Vancouver next month!) you can playtest it on my iPad!